Addressing the needs of returness from Europe through re-skilling, reintegration and employment opportunities
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I. Name, duration, registered office

I. I Name
MAISHA National Association of Ghana (MNAG)is hereby established.
The Association's acronym is derived from the English name MAISHA (Life). National Association of Ghana (MNAG). For the purposes of brevity, MNAG will be referred to as the Association in this document. This Association is a national non-profit association. It is governed by the provisions of the National laws of Ghana on domestic non-profit associations.
This organization has partner organizations in Germany called Maisha e.V - Self-help Organisation of African Women in Germany and ADE (African Diaspora in Europe), all registered in Germany.

II. Mission Statement
II.I Vision
Empowerment through education, and entrepreneurship of the young people of Ghana, so that they become stakeholders in their country where they can fulfill their ambitions and bring reality to their dreams.

II.II Mission
The purpose of MNAG is to establish an effective association which addresses the concerns, needs and interests of young people in Ghana, so that they would not wish to leave and go to Europe as illegal migrants. We would primarily address the needs of returnees from Europe through re-skilling, reintegration and employment opportunities,

II. III Aims
The Association is established:
-    to represent the concerns of the Diaspora.
-    to promote educational  opportunities designed to give employment to young Ghanaians,  particularly returnees.
-    to incorporate gender main streaming policies at all levels.
-    to support the entrepreneurship activities of our graduates
-    to bring about capacity building through knowledge/technology transfer

The Association shall strive to achieve these aims by acquiring the appropriate resources, appointing members of staff, organising campaigns, co-ordinating activities, sharing good practices, publishing reports and by any other means it deems lawful and appropriate.